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Symmetrical Sounds - Merdbot Sessions Vol. 1 out today!

2 min read

One morning months ago I hear the doorbell go. When I got downstairs I found a box with tapes on my doorstep. The box has a piece of paper attached that said 'Use them - Merdbot'. As I was busy working on 'Don't be afraid to close your eyes' the box got put away.




A couple of months ago I dug out that box




Dusted off my cassette tape player and listened to the tapes.




What I heard was fucking fire but also a million miles away from being usable.




So over the next few months I took some of Merdbot's sounds and put them into something tangible. The results are out today!

This E.P has already had great dancefloor reception, with some trap kicks that will make your stomach lining melt.


Get on it everyone! Share and enjoy :)


SymmetricalSounds - MerdBot Sessions Vol.1 (ARR062) (Beatport) (Soundcloud) ( (Track it Down) (Juno) (Amazon) (Digital Tunes) (iTunes) (Spotify) (Google Play)