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Fuck you KRS-One, apologist for a child abuser

2 min read

“Some of us are infallible. Some of us are going to have to be untouchable or our entire culture is going to fall. Our culture cannot fall on the accusations of four people, that’s weak.”

No KRS-One, you're weak.

Afrika Bambaataa needs to answer for what he's done. The people he has abused need the support of people like you in the scene. I'm here asking if you're really for peace and equality. Equality doesn't equal excusing someone's abuse because of their position.

“Let me tell you what I could care less about: accusations and gossip....KRS does not get involved in that. Show me the evidence and I will definitely have justice done."

What evidence do you want KRS-One? They didn't have fucking smartphones to record the shit Bambaataa did to them.

Fuck you for ignoring the abused.

Fuck you for dismissing their pain.

Fuck you for  pretending you care about social justice.

If we're going to talk plain right now, whatever Bambaataa did in the past, he counts for nothing now.

No-one gives a shit about Bambaataa. If he was jailed tomorrow it would only be ripples on the pond of hiphop. Hiphop is too big to be brought down by one man's crimes, even if that man created the scene. Hiphop has become something bigger than anyone could have imagined. It has changed this world in countless ways and nothing can stop it now.

I will never quit hiphop, but I've quit having respect for you.


My debut video...

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RIP David Bowie

RIP David Bowie

My tribute to David Bowie.

I wanted the feel of the track to reflect how he approached writing lyrics, samples of him explaining his method are used in the track.


Symmetrical Sounds - Merdbot Sessions Vol. 1 out today!

2 min read

One morning months ago I hear the doorbell go. When I got downstairs I found a box with tapes on my doorstep. The box has a piece of paper attached that said 'Use them - Merdbot'. As I was busy working on 'Don't be afraid to close your eyes' the box got put away.




A couple of months ago I dug out that box




Dusted off my cassette tape player and listened to the tapes.




What I heard was fucking fire but also a million miles away from being usable.




So over the next few months I took some of Merdbot's sounds and put them into something tangible. The results are out today!

This E.P has already had great dancefloor reception, with some trap kicks that will make your stomach lining melt.


Get on it everyone! Share and enjoy :)


SymmetricalSounds - MerdBot Sessions Vol.1 (ARR062) (Beatport) (Soundcloud) ( (Track it Down) (Juno) (Amazon) (Digital Tunes) (iTunes) (Spotify) (Google Play)


My Hiphop album of the year 2015

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So as 2015 draws to a close, I'm gonna share with you my .

Don't even ask me about other genres cos I don't have a clue! This is my call from the corner of I'm up on.

In general, I think 2015 has been one of the greatest years for . I can't remember the last time anyone real released an album like Kendrick Lamar's and it legit blew up the mainstream. Regardless of whether you like his album, if you listen to it, you can hear it's real and I respect that.

Big shout out to NIKO IS too, signed to Javotti Media (Talib Kweli's label) he's the perfect blend of braggadocio with the depth to back it up, a silky flow with solid lines, definitely my favourite new American rapper.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

My newcomer shout out in UK Hiphop goes out to Ocean "Spitz" Wisdom! The man is fire, go check him out if you ain't heard.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


So my pick for Hiphop album of the year goes to

Mr Key and Greenwood Sharps - Yesterday's Futures

This album has everything for me, cutting edge production, painfully great lyricism and more depth than a Russian sinkhole. Fuck the write up, just listen to it.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Happy new year to you all and watch out for my new release coming in January, it's already rumbling dancefloors! Any DJs want some outrageous Trap get at me.

Big ups



Clear reasoning as to why are

If you want to take their advice, then by all means bulk-stream 'Don't be afraid to close your eyes' -


You can get it now!

1 min read


It's finally released (and I've finally updated my site).



After seeing the might Leftfield smash things in Manchester on Thursday night, the celebrations went on well into the day of release, this may have something to do with the delay of this post.

So my debut E.P is out there at all the usual outlets

Go get it, listen to it, revel in it, imagine yourself rolling around in it.


I hope you enjoy.


Preview 'Don't be afraid to close your eyes' on Soundcloud

1 min read

Due for release on the 19th of June, but you can preview it right now!


E.P Artwork


Artwork is here!

Artwork is here!

The artwork for the forthcoming E.P, "Don't be afraid to close your eyes"

Artwork by Christian Watson




Debut EP 'SymmetricalSounds - Don't be afraid to close your eyes' on Allowance Records releases mid-June